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Financial Services

Whichever sector of financial services you look at, Digital Technology is still one of the biggest board room agenda items.

Whether that is to support regulatory compliance or offering a potential business differentiator, Digital Technology has the ability to effect either the top or bottom line of a financial services organisation.

The financial services sector is one that has never relied more heavily on Digital Technology. With a highly changeable and volatile global economy along with many well publicised crisis relating to financial scandals, regulatory attention in the sector has never been never greater.

There have also been a number of well publicised Technology failures leading to customers being directly affected. The industry has been dependent on Digital technology for some time but now, more than ever, it is becoming the key differentiator in the sector; the factor that is helping to make trades more profitable, to capture more market share through better online presence, digital offerings and to mine and leverage data to create better, more customised and tailored services for the customer.

The challenges faced in financial services are both similar across the sector and yet varied at the same time. Many of the new, emerging technologies and their associated benefits combined with the challenges of it in this sector apply just as well to retail banking, investment banking and insurance. However, we recognise that each sector still retains their own unique requirements and approach.

Within the industry from investment to retail banking and insurance to wealth management recent market developments have led to the competitive and regulatory landscape evolving at unprecedented speed. The backdrop of fluctuating economic conditions and rapidly changing customer needs mean it has to deliver rapid, adaptable and stable solutions that meet the most demanding requirements.

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Digital Transformation, easier said than done - why Marketing should take the lead.

Marketing and data have been intertwined since the old days, when marketers held customer interviews or focus groups with the sole purpose of gleaning data. The advent of the internet radically transformed this process – suddenly, marketers had terabytes of customer data, generated from consumer devices, social media, websites and various business data points at their fingertips. This data enables today’s marketers to dream up campaigns that hit the right spots in the hearts and minds of their customers – something their predecessors could only hope to do.

Let your data tell a story

The days of gut instinct marketing are over, to be a data-driven marketer, you need to do more than just analyze data. You need insights that drive action—and better ROI. You need to tie every single lead, customer, and dollar back to the marketing initiative that created them—and ultimately, revenue.

Domo connects to all the marketing data you care about so you can center strategic discussions around real-time data, and clearly demonstrate marketing’s contribution to the bottom line—all in one place.

Domo makes closed-loop reporting possible, combine campaign and channel metrics with information from other departments to see whether you’re making an impact, optimise campaign performance and gain insights in real time so you know when it’s time to double down or change course and track campaigns from click to cash to tell a data driven marketing story and prove your worth with actual data.

Every marketing channel comes with it’s own management platform and siloed reporting, pulling that altogether for analysis is so complex that it barely ever happens.

Not so with Domo.

  • Analyse cost, performance, and revenue contribution
  • Understand which initiatives drive the most impact
  • See real time performance metrics for paid search, social, email and beyond

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