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Maximise your research value with Research360

Research360 helps manage the end to end process of projects providing technical, data and analytical, and administrative, and monitoring solutions that combine to provide more standardisation across your entire organisation.

Drive transparency and produce more timely and accurate reporting across your research projects.

"What you have been able to do in 3 days cleansing and visualising the research data would have taken our team 3 weeks or more to do. With such a short timeline to produce our findings, this has given our team greater ability to focus on analysis, findings and production of our reports."

– Research Lead at a top Australian University

End-to-End Research Management and Reporting Tool

High administrative costs are a result of a manually driven, disparate approach to sharing data and reporting to internal and external stakeholders. The challenge for institutions is to provide timely updates on proposal and research status, progress, results and other important KPI’s. 

Research360 helps to manage the end-to-end process of research projects providing technical, data and analytical, service and administrative, and monitoring solutions that combine to provide more standardisation across your entire organisation, driving transparency and producing more timely and accurate reporting across your research projects.

The 5 Step Research360 Methodology

Below are just 5 ways that Research360 can help your Education Institutions research projects.


Centralise your Data – Rapidly

Education360’s suite of over 1000 ready-made data connectors drastically lowers the time, cost and complexity of centralising and automating data collection from across your Institution. In those cases where we don’t have a connector ready to use out of the box, or your current technology does not have capability, use one of our dozens of generic data-connection and upload methods to get the job done.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of ready-made project management, survey, analytical and database connectors available in Research360.


Gain deep insight into your research project pipeline

Whether you are a Research Manager, Faculty Director, Institution Executive or Board Member, near-real-time insight into the progress, reach and revenue of your research projects is critical to the health and management of your Institutions research pipeline and planning. But in the competitive world of academic research, fragmentation of processes and data can lead to delays in reporting, gaps in governance and missed opportunity to get critical research to market.


Research360 centralises your research project data from across your Institution, giving you visibility into the key metrics you need to deliver your research objectives.


Innovative publication of research data

With citation identified as a leading indicator of research quality and value, leveraging innovative forms of distribution, interactivity and shareability of your research can tap into the qualities of information virality, increasing awareness, reach, discovery and ultimately citation.

Research360’s powerful data transformation, visualisation and publication tools give you the power to bring your research and data to life in innovative ways that encourage significantly more engagement with your audience.


Meet your fiscal and compliance obligations

You have many obligations and requirements within the Research arm of your Institution. Perhaps this is meeting and exceeding your important financial KPI’s, or maybe it is ensuring transparency, quality and timeliness in reporting to your internal and external stakeholders. To manage these obligations, you want to know that you have the appropriate tools, data and reporting methods to surface risk to the right people at the right time, ensuring transparency and compliance. 

With Research360, get alerted to important issues when certain metrics and thresholds are not met so you can take quickly, and give confidence to your management group that your projects are operating to a high standard.


Powerup your research management program

With Education360’s specialised data management, analytics, development, research management and project management services, you can augment your Institutions internal research teams to help maximise the value of your Research360 investment.

Get a 360-degree view of your Institutions research landscape

With ‘near-real-time’ insights and alerts from critical metrics powered by your research and project management data, gain a complete 360-degree view and take action to drive real and tangible into your research programs.

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