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The worlds most complete education monitoring, management & analytics solution.

Education360 brings your Institutions data together no matter where it lives, giving you a 360-degree view of your most important metrics, alerts to critical changes in performance, and surfacing actionable insights to assist you in the continued delivery of outstanding educational outcomes. With the combination of industry leading technology, capability and methodology, Education360’s deep analytical and data-driven insights will help you unlock your schools full academic and business potential.

Education360 for K-12 Schools

As K-12 schools drive towards greater digitisation of classroom and online learning, and with the increasing demands for more effective, efficient and transparent business operations, the opportunity (and need) to establish a data-driven culture in your school is more important than ever before. With Education360, empower your staff with data-driven, timely and actionable insights enabling them to make informed and impactful decisions to drive greater performance in your school.

Education360 for Higher Education Institutions

Higher Education Institutions are complex and diverse collection of specialised functions; each playing a critically role in the Institutions short, medium and long-term viability and success. However, effective measurement and management of the functions is equally as complex.Education360 empowers these functions to improve performance, reduce costs, increase engagement, retention and more through unlocking data and generating actionable insights.